Many of you are wondering what changes this third trimester will bring to you. Find out what surprises are in store during this third trimester of pregnancy here. This is going to be the last trimester and with it comes still yet a few signs and symptoms, most of which are merely a continuation of those that started in the first and second trimesters. The good news is you near the end!

And as a result, your expectant body knows that too. And you will
find find that you have a bust of energy that you will need to prepare and plan to welcome baby. Both into this world, and in your home. Don’t be surprised, when all you can think of is about baby! Your thoughts and worries have now re-directed.

Instead of worrying about baby being alright, it now about getting everything ready for his/her arrival. Do as much as you can, but don’t forget to take plenty of rest.
I made out a list for you, of signs and symptoms that might bother you during this trimester, and what you can do to make yourself more comfortable if indeed any of these pregnancy symptoms happen to you.

third-trimester-21. Hemorrhoids

Many women in the third trimester, now with the extra weight they are carrying, leads to the development of hemorrhoids. This incidence increases with a history of constipation in the second trimester. To prevent hemorrhoid occurrence, ensure that you avoid constipation. But, if you do get hemorrhoids, do the following to get some relief;

  • Apply cold witch hazel pads or hemorrhoid ointment such
    as Anusol or preparation H, with your doctor’s blessing, of course.
  • Do kegel exercises.
  • Take a warm sitz bath.
  • Last but not least, bed rest with your hips and legs elevated several times a day, and this may bring you some comfort.
  • If these suggestions do not help and you are still agonizing in pain and feel like the world is all up against you, a trip to your favorite doctor might save the day!

2. Flatulence or gas pains

During the third trimester, you might also suffer flatulence and gas pains. These actually tend to show up anytime, especially after 20 weeks. So, usually you might have had them in the second trimester as well. By now, you should have learned to avoid gas-forming foods such as beans, cabbage and sodas. Increase your bulk and water in the food diet, as well as exercise. And, if it’s okay with your doctor, take Mylicon.

3. Increased perspiration

Increased perspiration can happen at anytime, but you will find that this occurs more often in your third trimester of pregnancy.
Try wearing loose fitting, as well as comfortable clothing to keep as comfortable as possible and e certain to increase your fluids and practice good hygiene.

4. Shortness of breath

Do not be alarmed if you suffer this symptom in the third trimester. In some expectant moms, it actually starts towards the end of the second trimester.
It’s mainly due to your enlarging belly tending to push up against your ribcage reducing room for your lungs to expand.

If you find this symptom quite scaring, and is more severe than you expected, see you doctor for reassurance and check up. To rule out, other causes of shortness of breath.

5. Lower backache

In this third trimester, lower backache that might have started in the second half of pregnancy might get a lot more annoying. There were a couple of things i did, that helped a lot and these were, moving about frequently and getting back rubs.
I also got a firm mattress and did pelvic rock exercises to strengthen my back. In addition, you might want to consider getting a maternity girdle and practice good body mechanics, such as;

  • Keeping your back straight and head up
  • Avoiding bending at the waist to left things
  • Wearing comfortable flat shoes
  • Heels are BIG NO!
  • Avoid stretching to reach high places
  • Avoid prolonged standing
  • When standing, keep one foot on a stool with leg bent.

6. Sleeplessness

The third trimester also comes along with sleeplessness.
Although this can start anytime, it’s more likely to show up in
the last trimester. If you find yourself in this situation, I would recommend;

  • Trying a warm bath before bed
  • Sip on a warm drink before bed
  • Avoid having stimulated activity before bed
  • Use relaxation techniques
  • Always try to get into a comfortable position to sleep; place the “c” pillow ends between your legs and under lower abdomen.
  • Exercise daily

7. Varicose veins

Varicose veins usually appear in the third trimester, but they tend to increase as pregnancy grows. What I would recommend you to do, so as to feel comfortable is to put support hose or elastic stockings on in bed before lowering feet down in the morning. Avoid tight clothing and crossing legs or standing for long periods. Most of all, rest with legs elevated and practice good posture. And you should be just fine.

8. Vision changes

Now, vision changes may present in the third trimester or start earlier. But, they can also be throughout pregnancy. Because it’s a physiological process of pregnancy, and you will probably return to pre-expectant vision after delivery, I suggest that you don’t buy a new prescription for glasses.

Unless, of course, if you really want to buy one.
Otherwise, take frequent eye-breaks to rest your eyes. The only bothersome issue here is, if you wear contact lenses, you might not be able to wear them during pregnancy, if you have vision changes.

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