Sex during pregnancy is a common concern especially among expectant new parents.

Facts-on-Sex-during-PregnancyThis genuine concern promotes the idea that pregnancy sex might harm the baby.

What most expectant parents or couples should know, is if there are reasons you should not have pregnancy sex, your medical practitioner will definitely let you know.

Most of all, whether you are a new parent to be or you already have children, asking your medical practitioner about having sex during pregnancy, whether or not you are in the third trimester, is a thought I would recommend.

With that said, here are some cases, when couples should avoid pregnancy sex;

  • history of threatened miscarriage during early pregnancy or warning signs of miscarriage,
  • if the bag of water has broken,
  • or there has been any bleeding,
  • and if expectant mom is in pain during the pregnancy.

The main point here, is the couple should avoid any activity that might cause the woman to have an orgasm, i.e. reach climax.

This includes self masturbation, breast stimulation and having your partner pleasure you with his mouth or hand is not recommended either.

The main fear in avoiding “climax” is to ensure that no strong contractions are induced by orgasm.

If an expectant mom is having a relatively uncomplicated pregnancy, especially in the third trimester, then contractions after sex should not be a cause of worry.

However, there is one sexual activity that is known to be dangerous and should be avoided during pregnancy sex, and that is blowing air into the vagina.

This causes an air bubble in the bloodstream which can cause serious complications including death.

If a couple cannot have sex during pregnancy, they should relating to each other or maintain feelings of closeness during this unstable, in other ways.

These other ways may include showing love by gentle touching and hugging. Talking together and sharing feelings, fears and needs.

If a couple can have pregnancy sex, they should explore new positions for love making i.e. woman being on top, side lying positions or rear entry positions which are more comfortable.

Most importantly, foreplay including gentle words, long and gentle caresses wash away many of the discomforts of pregnancy and creates a great mood for pregnancy sex.

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