Second trimester of pregnancy, you will find, is one of the most exciting pregnancy trimesters, as you exam your pregnancy month by month! The second trimester of pregnancy ushers in some of the best 13-27 weeks of pregnancy. And opens up new doors of discovering your expectant body, making you come alive.

With a bust of freshness and energy like the morning blossom. I felt more comfortable in my new changing body during this trimester, like I never felt before. And my emotional state embarrassed my new role as an expectant mom. I worried less about baby’s development as tests being done showed baby was doing well. In general, I felt a whole lot better than I did, in the first trimester. If you have had a nearly miserable first trimester, am very sure you will feel better during the second.

However, note that there are still a whole lot more changes,
to come as baby continues to grow and takes shape. And some changes that started in the first trimester may continue to present. Below are many of the signs and symptoms that will appear during this trimester;

  • An enlarging/growing belly.
  • Constipation.
  • Heartburn.
  • Leg cramps.
  • Sexual discomfort.
  • Larger breasts.
  • Braxton hicks contractions.
  • Quickening.
  • Breast leakage.
  • Ankle/foot swelling.

1. Growing belly

In the second trimester of pregnancy, your belly will begin to show signs of growing.

Becoming heavier and making more room for growing baby. During this time, you might also have trouble getting a comfortable sleeping position, LIKE I DID.

Not until I discovered the curvy “c”pillow, did I enjoy a good night’s rest. It made sleeping on my side comfortable. And also made getting up for my frequent urination during the night easy.

All I needed to do was lie on my left side which was also my favorite side, then put one end of the pillow between my legs, and the other under my head. The curvy “c” part was placed under my lower belly.

If you are having trouble getting a sleeping position, try this pillow out. Am really sure you at least, have nights of good rest.

2. Constipation

This discomfort begins in the second trimester of pregnancy till the end. Research indicates, it may be due to hormonal changes that slow down the digestive tract, allowing baby to take all the necessary nutrients in no hurry. If this is becomes a total nightmare, which I am sure it can be, try to;

  • Drink a minimum of 8-10 glasses of fluids:water,soups,fruit juices,milk and prune juice if you can keep it down
  • Increase physical activity to help move food through the lower tract. Avoid exercising after meals,especially if you have heartburn too.
  • Try walking after meals.
  • Most importantly, eat foods with high fiber every day such as oatmeal and figs.
  • And AVOID laxatives and enemas unless prescribed by your medical practitioner.
pregnant woman with purchase bags
Go out and have fun, during this trimester.

3. Heartburn

This is a second trimester of pregnancy discomfort too, that might stick with you until the end. It’s also associated with slowing down of the digestive tract, due to hormonal changes.
Some of the things you can do may include;

Eat slowly and chew you food well.Drink fluids between meals … rather than with meals.Eat frequent smaller meals, and go for walk afterwards.Avoid deep fried, greasy and spicy foods.And avoid lying down once you have just eaten.
You should feel better soon, if you try all these heartburn remedy pregnancy suggestions.

4. Leg cramps

During second trimester of pregnancy, you may notice that you start to have leg cramps especially at night, while you are in bed.

Resist the need to take muscle relaxants and avoid pointing your toes when you stretch. Instead, when you sit down, elevate your legs periodically though out the day.

And when seated, straighten the leg, point or pull toes up towards knees. You will feel better if you massage the cramped area, or soak the cramped muscle in warm water, or use a heating pad.

In general keep the legs warm. Make sure you walk regularly for exercise, it helps quite a bit.

5. Sexual discomfort

Ahh… this one is a paradox.
Most often I have heard expectant moms say that sex during second trimester of pregnancy is great! So, why the sexual discomfort you may ask?

However, with all the cascade of hormones flowing in your body, it no wonder that you feel some form of sexual discomfort. The trick here is to ensure that you take advantage of the increased blood flow to the pelvis which increases pleasure, and work around the minor discomforts. How? Lets start with;

  • Discussing feelings with your medical practitioner to be assured of safety of intercourse in pregnancy.
  • Understand the cause.
  • Explore with your partner alternatives to intercourse like solitary or mutual masturbation, or even oral-genital sex. See sex during pregnancy.
  • Use different positions such as female on top, rear entry or side-lying.
  • Last but not least, elevate your pelvis on a pillow to relieve any congestion you may be experiencing.

6. Larger breasts

Second trimester of pregnancy, hormonal changes due to estrogen and progesterone will affect the milk-producing glands to increase in size. Additional fat will accumulate around these milk-producing glands. Making your pregnant breasts ready for that all important task … nursing your newborn baby. If you find that your breasts tender, one of the things you may want to do is wear loose, comfortable clothing and a supportive bra … even while sleeping.

7. Braxton-Hicks contractions

Second trimester of pregnancy, pre-term uterine contractions may occur. Do not be alarmed if this happens, it’s your body way of making the uterus practice and prepare for the actual event of labor.

Because they occur in the lower abdomen, they mimic labor contractions. The only difference is that they’re usually weak and last for a very short period of time.

Lying down on your left side for about 20 minutes or taking a warm bath will relieve the them. In most instances, drinking two glasses of water of juice or walking around will also help.

If at any one time, these contractions become stronger, continuous and only minutes apart, the DON’T hesitate to call your doctor, just in case you are in preterm labor.

8. Quickening-“feeling the baby moving“.

Second trimester of pregnancy also presents an expectant mom’s first time to feel baby moving. If you are a first time mom, like me, you might have a hard time figuring it out. But try looking out for a feeling similar to that of having butterflies in your tummy. Some women I have known refer to this feeling as a flutter-like movement.

You may feel a little confused as to what it is that you are feeling, but try to study the times you get this sensation. You might come to realize that this occurs at about the same time
each day and most especially when baby is up to feed. Isn’t that exciting? Yes, it’s quite a joy to discover your little one has made you his/her private play-pen.

9. Breast Leakage

In the second trimester of pregnancy, some women may experience a little breast leakage. This may or may not continue until you deliver that bundle of joy. You may find that wearing breast pads that don’t have any plastic linings may help any embarrassing moments, and do avoid harsh soaps, creams or ointments. You should just be fine.

10. Ankle and foot swelling

Last but not least this second trimester of pregnancy is ankle and foot swelling. If you find this sign very discomforting, try to;

  • Elevate your legs 2-3 times a day.
  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
    The swelling has a lot to do with hormonal changes
    really and not how much water you are retaining in your body.
    Most of this water is actually in body tissue and not in your blood vessels,so don’t be afraid to drink water to maintain your blood volume.
  • Lie on your left side in bed.
  • Avoid restrictive clothing especially knee high stocking.
  • Avoid very salty foods
  • Avoid sitting or standing for very long periods of time
  • And don’t take diuretics or over the counter water pills. Because remember this water is in your tissue and not in your blood vessels. Water pills will dehydrate you fast, and are not healthy for your unborn child.

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