During pregnancy week 2, you are still oblivious of the pregnancy but closer to finding out than you were in pregnancy week 1.

There are particular terms you will constantly hear your doctor use to define time during your pregnancy week by week, and these are;

  • Gestational age (menstrual age) – begins from the first day of your last period, which is actually about 2 weeks before you conceive.This is the age most doctors use to discuss your pregnancy. Average length of pregnancy is 40 weeks.
  • Ovulatory age (fertilization age) – begins the day you conceive. Average age length of pregnancy is 38 weeks.
  • Trimester – Each trimester lasts about 13 weeks. There are times trimesters in a pregnancy.

Your doctor while keeping track of your pregnancy week by week will require use of the gestational age (menstrual age).

Which is different from the Ovulatory age (fertilization age), that’s two weeks shorter and is calculated starting from the actual date of conception.

He/she will also refer to your pregnancy stages as trimesters.
Trimesters divide pregnancy into three periods, each about 13 weeks long, very helpful in grouping baby’s development and very early signs of pregnancy.

At this point in pregnancy week 2, you are probably still clueless about your pregnancy like many expectant moms.
What you feel about being pregnant however is very important.

If you have been trying to get pregnant or not, you are probably very anxious right now and cannot wait to find out if you are pregnant. Eventually, when you do find out you are pregnant, you will be sitting on the biggest news of your life!

Your relationships will be changing and tested.
Your “boyfriend” or “husband” is now your “baby daddy”, and your father and mother are now “grandpa” and “grandma” respectively.

Your future will change, any plans you have such as starting college or going to university are still possible, but you are going to need a lot of help with the baby.

Pregnancy week 2 may or may not present with very early signs of pregnancy, but you could be moody.

And because of the changing hormones in your body, you might actually feel “out of it”. Keep it simple and just continue the same good habits you started in pregnancy week 1.

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