1st-Week-PregnancyPregnancy week 1 presents with some of the very early signs of pregnancy. So many expecting moms miss these signs because they don’t know they were pregnant, two weeks before they actually conceive.

Yes, this can be very confusing. But, note that the beginning of your pregnancy is actually followed-up from the beginning of your last menstrual period!

Implying that, your doctor will compute those two weeks before you conceived, so as to get your due date. The easiest way to count time during pregnancy is to use the pregnancy week by week calender.

It can be confusing to start counting when your period starts. Since, you probably will not become pregnant until two weeks later.

But, it does help to better understand, your pregnancy timetable.
Pregnancy week 1 although rarely considered, is an important time of your pregnancy and so good health is vital.

This means that good nutrition, proper exercise, enough rest and general hygiene will have a positive effect on your pregnancy.

During this time, read a lot and learn about progression of pregnancy week by week. Be aware of which medical tests to take and those to avoid that are harmful to your early pregnancy.

Know drugs to use over the counter and which ones to avoid.
If you take alcohol, this is a good time to reflect on whether the benefits of stopping its use outweigh the risks of having a baby with fetal alcohol syndrome.

If you smoke cigarettes, this is a good time to plan on quitting for good. And avoid frequent exposure to second hand smoke.

Pregnancy week 1 good habits are;

  • napping
  • eating right
  • doing good research about your pregnancy and seeing your care provider
  • adjusting your lifestyle i.e. are you the ideal weight now? Eat right before baby comes, might be harder to change later.
  • emotionally prepare for a complete change of the future, for all family involved.

This is a good time for you to start looking out for those very early signs of pregnancy.

Most importantly, know what’s safe and what’s not, so take time to clean out that medicine cabinet and get rid of all expired drugs. Including everything your doctor does not recommend you to have during this period.

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