Pregnancy symptoms are great pointers to help you discover your pregnancy or track it week by week. These pointers may show up in all different ways as the good the bad and the ugly!  Whichever way they present, it’s these symptoms that every woman looks forward to.

Wanna guess what these symptoms might be? Lets see,morning sickness, hair loss or gain, crazy food craves, larger boobies,bulging belly…,lol,all your early signs of pregnancy. Oh yea,you are gonna love it. See the thing about these signs of pregnancy is that they keep you looking forward to what to expect next.

Once these signs of pregnancy start to show up, you know with in deep in yourself, that something wonderful is happening in your body, you are going to help and protect you developing baby,and what can give you a better feeling than that? And what should encourage you even more to grow your pregnancy, is the fact that these early signs of pregnancy although not much fun,will pass like the breeze in no time!

So,if you are having these symptoms, It’s probably time to get the first sneak peek in your womb an awesome opportunity to hear those fragile heartbeats that make the sonogram a magical experience; that will give you that first bonding experience with the baby to come.

early-pregnancy-symptomsThis first ultrasound; if there are no complications should be done at about 13 weeks of life, and is commonly refered to as the dating ultra sound. Named so,because it’s more accurate way of calculating a woman’s EDD or the Expected Due Date. I have seen this done by measuring the length of a baby’s head and or entire body length.Review Android Smartphone

The ultrasound scan is often also used to detect gestational abnormalities such as placenta previa. While the results from the ultrasound are important, they should not be the reason to go into a big panic because when it is still early days, many seeming abnormalities resolve on their own.

These first pregnancy signs, will guide you gradually and smartly through your pregnancy if you listen to your changing body.

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