Let’s have some fun! Take these pregnancy quizzes and perhaps play a round or 2 of a popular pregnancy game and see how you compare.

Pregnancy quizzes are the spice of the day when you are feeling “like the weakest link”.

I call them, an expectant mom’s dose of fun and brainteaser!All in one. And indeed they truly are.

Because, a pregnancy game will make you think as you play along, keeping you engaged and entertained. And you might just learn something new about your pregnancy week by week,.

They brighten up your gloomy days especially in the first and third trimester when you are feelingtired and everything looks gray!

You will be surprised at how much fun you can have, if youinclude a quiz in your day’s activity once in a while. A quiz is also a good source of pregnancy information.

Providing expectant moms with answers to questions they may have.

My one time favorite quiz is the “am I pregnant” quiz.

It’s brilliantly designed to help you find out if you are pregnant, giving you a variety of early signs of pregnancy.

Working your way through the quiz, you soon realize that youhave discovered more about your early pregnancy in just a few minutes.

If you are pregnant, more than you would have if you had read a book.

Other quizzes out there are;

  • Gender prediction, quizzes you on whether you are having a boy or girl.
  • Labor and delivery, provides information about stages of labor.
  • Pregnancy exercise, designed to help you findout if you are doing enough exercise.

And last but not least, some pregnancy quizzes are designed to get you connected to other expectant moms out there.

Depending on the website you join and the quiz you select.

If you are the kind of expectant mom that enjoys interacting with other moms out there, or meeting and making new friends.streaming Beauty and the Beast movie

This is the start for you and the sky will be the limit, as you keep discovering more fun, entertainment and educational information online.

Most of all, enjoy yourself as you play the quizzes and have fun!

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