Are you looking for a quick but comprehensive pregnancy diet plan complete with healthy food options ?

Vegan-Meal-Plan-During-Pregnancy1Look no further, this is it!  First of all, a good way to improve your eating habit during pregnancy is to keep a record of everything that you want to eat for a few days.

Tedious … yes, but very recommended is ensuring that you eat a balanced diet.  Check out this healthy food option here and compare this record with amounts you need to eat.

Tell us how did you do?  Any food groups you didn’t get enough servings of?   If yes, try to find ways of getting more of these food groups during the rest of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy and diet will go well together for you if you practice this healthy pregnancy diet.  We have put together all the foods an expectant mom needs each day, and simplified it all for you.

1.  You will need 9 servings from this group … of bread, cereal, rice and pasta.  The foods in this group helps provide vitamins and minerals as well as extra calories which are needed for energy.

The whole grains like whole wheat breads, cornmeal, brown rice and foods made from whole grain are best.  They also help to add fiber to your diet which prevents constipation.

Don’t know what a serving means, in a pregnancy diet plan? let’s break it down …
                    1 slice of bread, 1 ounce of cold cereal, ½ cup oatmeal, ½ cup brown rice,

2.  Vegetable and fruit group … you will need 4 serving of vegetables and 3 servings of fruit. The foods in this food group provides vitamins, minerals and folic acid needed to build the bones, muscles and blood cells. 
They also provide fiber that prevents constipation.

1 serving includes; ¾ cup vegetable of fruit juice, 1 cup salad greens, ½ cup raw slices
vegetables, ½ cup strawberries.

When you make out your pregnancy diet plan, remember that each day you will need at least;

                    1 serving of vitamin C rich fruit or vegetable such as orange, tomato, melon or broccoli.
                    1 serving of vitamin A rich fruit or vegetable such as dark green leaf vegetable, spinach,
carrot or squash.

3.   3 serving everyday from … Milk, yogurt and cheese group.
This food group provides calcium needed for healthy teeth and bones and also promotes normal muscle contraction and relaxation.  Calcium also helps blood clotting.  These foods are also a good source of protein. i.e. 1 serving of protein = 1 cup of milk.

                    1 serving includes 1 cup of skim milk, 1 ½ ounces Swiss cheese, 1 cup yogurt, 2 ounces processed
cheese, ½ cup ice cream or ice milk.

4.  3 servings or 6 ounces everyday of … Poultry, fish, dry beans, meat, eggs and nuts in this group.  This food group provides protein the basic building block for both new cells and old cells and is responsible for cell maintenance.  In the last trimester, proteins enable baby’s brain cells to develop at a very rapid rate.

5.  This food group also provides both B vitamins and iron.  Sufficient iron in your diet will enable baby to store all the iron baby needs for the first 3-6 months after birth.

                    1 serving includes 2 ounces cooked lean meat, fish, poultry, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons of peanut
butter, ½ cup cooked dry beans.

6.  Lastly, fats, oils and sweet … needed in small amounts…

Eat very small amounts in this group only; don’t make this a main component of your meal.  You won’t get all the required nutrients for a health pregnancy.

Most of all choose lower fat foods such as fruits and vegetables, lean meat and skim or low-fat dairy products.  And remember that sugars supply calories but no nutrients, so eat less sweets.


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