Morning-Sickness-articleMorning sickness cures are a great strategy for coping with nausea.
If you are having problems with morning sickness symptoms, use these 17 morning sickness remedies, prepared just for you.

  1. B6. Seek the approval of your doctor before taking this recommendation. Usually 10-25 mg taken three times daily will do the trick.
  2. Seltzer. Sip on seltzer water or a club soda as an alternative, it will do as well.
  3. Ginger. This is one of the simplest morning sickness cures. And the best way to take ginger is to make a cup of ginger infused tea or chew on ginger snaps or cookies. Ginger has been known to suppress vomiting for a while now. Probably, what you should avoid is ginger ale soda which does not really contain real ginger.
  4. Lemon. The best way to take this lemon in this case, is to make lemon zest from the peel of a whole lemon, keeping it in a zip-lock bag or something similar and sniffing it when the nausea bout arises. Some moms believe lemon candy provides similar relief.
  5. Water. This is one of the greatest morning sickness cures that will keep you well hydrated. If you cannot drink a lot of this water at a time, sip it throughout the course of the day! It’s important for you to drink it between meals and NOT with meals.
  6. Cracker. Best try saltines or any other crackers that will do, if you cannot find the saltine ones.
  7. Bouillon. Make it yourself or let someone make you a cup of warm beef or chicken bouillon or miso soup. This is soothing and the sodium it contains will be useful in replenishing your stores after vomiting.
  8. Sports drink. Am thinking of a glass of Gatorade(R), Accelerade(R) or Cytomax(R) and for those who cannot find it, a glass of Vitaminwater(R) will help too.
  9. Yogurt. Here is another one of those great morning sickness cure if you can keep it down. The good bacteria in yogurt will help your gut get friendly bacteria.
  10. Licorice. Not everyone likes licorice, but if you do, then you can try strings, twists or drops of it.
  11. Avoid caffeine. If you love coffee, tea ,soda and chocolate, these will have to be put on hold for a while.
  12. Feast on protein. Processed foods are not good for you; try to eat frequent small meals of high protein foods instead. Very important because protein keeps you blood sugar level steady.
  13. Avoid smells/odors. simply stay away from offending orders.
  14. Eat first thing in the morning. Try dry toast or crackers in the morning just before you sit up in bed.
  15. Sleep. I cannot emphasize this enough. Do your best to nap frequently. If you are tired, your stomach upsets will only get worse.
  16. Prenatal vitamins. This can prove a challenge to take especially if they make you feel sick right after taking them. If your prenatal makes you sick, change the brand or take a children’s chewable that has iron as long as the vitamin contains a vitamin B-complex, folic acid, and iron. Don’t forget to alert your doctor about your situation.
  17. Indulge. When the appetite finally kicks in, don’t hesitate to enjoy yourself. Indulge!

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