Expectant moms that decide to do a home birth, really just want the comfort of their homes where they have total control of the environment.

In developing countries, expectant moms practice this method mainly because hospital fees are too expensive to be afforded and the trend in most cases has been passed down from generation to generation.

Most importantly, a home-birth is a private family affair and should be a natural process that requires little or no intervention. But, sometimes complications do happen, and so one has to make a comprehensive birth plan for any eventualities.

home-birth-woman-on-bed-istock660On the whole, however a home-birth can go pretty well and if there is any emergency, you should have made arrangements to deal with it accordingly depending on what is arising.

If you are considering a home-birth, be sure to hire a very experienced and competent midwife. If the midwife you select only specializes with home-birth, be sure to work out a free-standing birthing center; be affiliated with an obstetrical practice that is hospital-connected.

If you are wondering whether home birthing is for you, consider these advantages first;

  • you and baby will be in the comfort of your home
  • you have total control of who will attend the birth, at your home
  • it’s going to be less expensive especially if your health insurance coverage does not cover hospital deliveries

The disadvantages of home-births are;

  • you are going to need to prepare your own supplies
  • you might not be fully equipped for emergency situations that may arise complicating the delivery
  • if you have had a prior complicated birth or had a cesarean section, home-birth may not be for you
  • the mess created during birthing will have to be cleaned up by someone

If the disadvantages listed above do not bother you , then a home birth might be just for you. Do more research about it; there is plenty of information on the internet and chat rooms, if you are the kind that loves the computer. You will also, find literature about birth plan in books at the library that will help you start to prepare.

In general, if your pregnancy has been uncomplicated i.e. no pre-existing physical or medical condition that could negatively affect your labor ( history of still birth; bleeding problems; or miscarriages)and you have decided to have a home-birth, make sure you do a great birth plan.

Any predicaments you encounter during labor and delivery at home will be your responsibility.

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