A healthy pregnancy diet promotes a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnant-woman-with-fresh-veggiesEver heard of the expression, “you are what you eat!”.

Well, it also applies to pregnancy and diet.What you eat will affect your little one’s growth and development. So, with that in mind, I recommend that you make healthier choices during your pregnancy.

That is to say, don’t drink alcohol and avoid tobacco use and second-hand smoke, for starters. Concentrate on eating foods like milk, fruits, vegetables to mention but a few!

Make and follow a good pregnancy diet plan. And to help you follow through, here are some basic pregnancy dietary rules:First of all, not every expectant mom gets a prenatal vitamin. Why?

Because prenatal vitamins are not given out to you, if you don’t need extra multivitamins. And, if you have a healthy pregnancy diet and good blood tests.

Secondly, make sure you take in adequate vitamins and minerals each day i.e. Calcium: required by the bones ,teeth and nerves, heart and muscle development and prevention of osteoporosis later in life.

It can be obtained from calcium rich foods such as all diary products, greens and broccoli, as well as calcium fortified products including orange juice, bread and some cereals. You need about 1200-1500 mg daily.

Folate: Is a B-vitamin that has shown to reduce birth defects of the spinal cord and brain. It is found in many fortified cereals, citrus fruits, organ meats and dried peas and beans. Folate in vegetables is destroyed by cooking, so try to eat washed raw vegetables. You will need 0.6 mg or 600 micrograms of folate a day.

Iron: You need about 30 mg of iron per day; and your body absorbs animal sources better than all other sources of iron. If you want to absorb most of the iron you are eating, make sure to take along vitamin C. You can also obtain iron from vitamin supplements.

Other simple rules of a good healthy pregnancy diet are;

Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day.

Eating 6-7 ounces of meat, poultry and fish each day, avoiding raw or undercooked fish such as sushi. Also avoid swordfish, shark, king mackerel and tile fish.

At least half of your food intake should be carbohydrates.

Avoid raw sprouts, unpasteurized juices, milk and soft cheeses such as brie, feta and Roquefort.

Limit the amount of fat in your pregnancy diet!

And caffeine in coffee, soft drinks, cocoa, chocolate etc should be limited to below 200 mg a day; a 5 ounce cup of coffee is about 115 mg and a cup of tea is 50mg.

And last but not least, sugar substitutes should be used in moderation. Avoid saccharin, use NutraSweet instead!

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