No Health Care Insurance? But you need to see a doctor about your early pregnancy symptoms!

Yes, this is actually happening around us, among the biggest problems our country is facing right now.

Believe it or not, you are not alone.

Many expectant moms especially those following their pregnancy week-by-week, aunties, uncles, brothers and sisters are wondering the same thing.

People want to know, what has happened to senators and representatives making decisions that are best for the American people and those that reside in America, not for the good of their party– Democrat or Republican?

Why, do all other industrialized democracies guarantee health care for everyone rich or poor, young or old, native or immigrant.

But, we cannot!

It is our national shame that one of the richest countries in the world leaves tens of millions of citizens uninsured, allows more than 20,000 Americans to die each year because they lack insurance and lets some 700,000 people go bankrupt due to medical bills each year.

To the rest of the developed world, we are immoral; I agree.

Future generations will look at this time and wonder why in the world we were so blind and so unresponsive to the needs of our less fortunate citizens.

Our only answer will be greed.

As an expectant mom right now with no health care insurance, I can only imagine the stress you are going through as your pregnancy week by week grows.

While many members of congress and people in our country recognize the need to change the health care system we need congress to come together with a draft plan.

That changes the health care system to meet the needs of citizens and cover anyone and everyone.

I think everyone should be eligible for health care insurance because it’s just the right thing to do.

Everybody should have the right to health care because the Declaration of independence states that “All men have the unalienable right to “life”, which entails having the health care needed to preserve life.

Human rights are commonly understood as “Inalienable fundamentals rights to which a person is inherently simply because she and/or he is a human being.

Health care is a human right.

The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that “everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of oneself and one’s family, including … Medical Care! The insurance industry, to date, has not demonstrated an interest in meeting the above need of the people that reside in the United States.

They are being supported by a campaign this month to encourage defeat of any health care proposal.

Most of the 45 Million people in America without health care insurance need a voice to speak for them, to help them access health which is considered a right.

The right to health care should be considered a right.

People should not be discriminated against for being sick.Americans who are ill should not have to make the choice between financial ruin and paying for medical treatments they need to stay alive.

Health care costs are unaffordable and bankrupting Americans.

It was reported in the news, that in 2007, 62.1% of all US bankruptcies were related to medical expenses and 78% of these bankruptcies were filed by people who had medical insurance.

Guaranteeing the right to health care will encourage entrepreneurship, which is good for job creation.

Currently people are afraid to start their own business for fear of losing the health care insurance provided at their employer’s job.

Health care insurance should be a right because it will promote equal opportunity by decreasing the number of people who are economically disadvantaged in society due to bad health and medically-related financial trouble.

Health care services are crucial to the functioning of a community, just like trash removal and water services, and should therefore be guaranteed like these services are to all Americans.

A lack of Health care insurance can lead people to suffer from anxiety, depression, sickness, and stress, and other symptoms that affect not only individuals, but families and communities of that individual as well.

All Americans should have the right to health care as do citizens of other nations.

The United States is one of the few, if not the only, developed nation in the world that does not guarantee health coverage for its citizens.

Health care is a right for all Americans because of the US Constitution states its purpose is to “promote the general welfare” of the people.

Just as all Americans have the right to an education, they should have the right to health care because they both “promote the general health.”

We should want health care to be available for everyonebecause it is the right thing to do and also because it is necessary if our economy is to recover and stop draining our resources.

We must talk to our senators and representatives to tell them we want a revised and effective health care system with a public option for everyone and we want it soon.

So, mom, there you are. My opinion on health care for everyone and I hope that you think the same way too!

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