So you are eager to find out how giving birth feels like? I think the answer, is yes!

20130211_014554_us-women-giving-birth-later-lifeIt is often said that some moms swear they know their ability to give birth before labor begins. Would you say the same applies to you? Lets discover your ability right now.

By using the technique am about to describe here, you can find out how giving birth feels like, and that could help you make a more concise birth plan.

This technique works best when you are in a state of deep relaxation.

Okay, here we go,…Let’s try it! Remember giving birth is a natural process and should not be complicated at all. So begin by breathing slowly and deeply…letting each breath take you into a deeper relaxed state of mind. As your breathing becomes relaxed, let your thoughts drift inward … down … down to your uterus.Just Married movie

SEE your uterus …first, from the outer layers … it’s a soft, smooth, rose pink group of muscles, comfortably enveloping themselves around your little one. Now … look inside the uterus … See your little one … curled up … wet and warm … surrounded by the amniotic fluid … floating … cradled by your pelvis … well developed fully grown fetus.

Look at the uterus from baby’s angle … the walls of the uterus lined with the smooth membranes … the placenta on the upper wall … the umbilical cord leading to your little one … pulsating in rhythm with your body … the air you are breathing and the food you eat, helping your little one to grow. Let’s move forward in time … to the day you are giving birth.You are feeling the uterus contracting on and off all day … at first the contractions are weak … then they become stronger. As each contraction comes, you breathe slowly and comfortably … taking energy deep into your body and to the little one as well.

Each time you breathe out, tension flows away from you and the little one, leaving you refreshed … strong and able to go through labor and delivery. Contractions are now stronger and intense … pushing baby down … down … down onto the cervix. See the little one pressing onto the cervix as it opens … opens … opens around your little one’s head.

Now relax and let the cervix open! Here comes the much stronger and more intense contractions … opening up the cervix … and you are feeling more and more of these contractions now, that are pushing the little one down further … into the vagina.

See your little one come down the birth canal gradually towards the opening of the vagina … you feel the skin tingling … burning … stretching … and know it’s time to give your body time to open fully … so let the air out … blowing lightly … blow as you feel the tissues stretching around the little one’s head.

Now, finally, see the little one’s head slip out … and you breathe a sigh of relief … as you rest … and the little one begins to get ready for the last move to usher him into the world.

Uterus contracts again … and you feel the little one turning to the side and the shoulders move under your pubic bones … and you breathe the shoulders out … and there is release of pressure as the little one SLIDES OUT … and is placed on your abdomen … slippery and warm.

Okay, slowly come back to the present time … your cervix still closed … and feel your little one filling your uterus … not yet time to be born … but … you now know the journey to be taken in the future.

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