I bet you are curious about the first trimester of pregnancy…

This is where all the action begins!

There are three trimesters in all, a total of 40 weeks. And, this first of the three trimesters, where everything starts is 13 weeks.

For most of us, it all begins with trying to conceive, then if you succeed, in comes fertilization, then implantation and then baby develops.

If the conception process does not take place, then you get a menstrual period. And if it does, a missed period becomes one of your early signs, indicating that you are pregnant.

A couple of other early signs of pregnancy, that tend to show up a little later, are weight loss or gain, an increase of saliva in the mouth, nasal stuffiness, and perhaps a bit of morning sickness if you are one of the unlucky expectant moms-to-be to suffer it.

first-trimester-of-pregnancy1. Hormonal changes

One of the earliest symptoms in the first trimester of pregnancy. Is a whole lot of hormonal changes. So intense that this first months of pregnancy are endorsed with a continuous flow of early signs. To mention but a few, light headed and dizziness, tiredness, swollen and tender breasts, nausea and vomiting (morning sickness), mood swings, a distaste or cravings for certain foods, frequent urination, and headaches.

2. Weight loss or weight gain

first-trimester-pregnancyWeight loss or weight gain in the first trimester of pregnancy is very healthy for your baby. That’s because your unborn baby needs to feed, and your body is (at least for now) providing all the nutrition required. Some expectant moms, might not be that lucky. Some lose close to 30 pounds during this first trimester of pregnancy. Making them excessively worried about whether baby is taking in enough nutrients and growing well.

If you lose weight, just try not to worry, take your prenatal vitamin everyday, eat frequent small meals of balanced nutritious food recommended by your dietician or by your doctor.

Or try eating what you feel you like at that time. Something, you are craving because, that’s one way your body’s letting you know that you are lacking something.

If you gain weight instead, don’t try to diet to bring the weight down. Your baby still needs a steady stream of nutrients flowing in. Instead, just cut down (or out!) on the sugary drinks that are really plumping you up and the stuffed starchy foods that have become your comfort for the nausea.

3. Increased saliva

first-trimester-of-pregnancyFirst trimester of pregnancy may also be crowned with an increase of saliva in the mouth. An annoying sign you might not be excited about. Have you ever tried to speak and found yourself with a mouth full of saliva? And you just don’t know how and when it all accumulated. Terrible isn’t it? Yes, it is. This increased saliva is another pregnancy first trimester sign!

You might also start to wonder why you cannot seem to bring yourself to swallow it. An easier solution you might think, but doing it is harder than it seems. The quickest way to get around this problem is make frequent visits to the bathroom and use your minty mouthwash or eat sugar-free hard candy making sure to avoid starches. Happily, this annoying sign typically disappears after the first trimester of pregnancy.

4. Nasal stuffiness

Nasal stuffiness may be something that you also experience in your first trimester of pregnancy. Most often, nasal stuffiness occurs towards the end of the first trimester … and only for a short period, too. If you get any of these signs and they are not subsiding, seek medical attention, and remember it is not recommended to take any over-the-counter or even homeopathic remedies without first consulting your doctor.

5. Morning sickness

The last of these symptoms which actually ushered me into my 1st trimester pregnancy was the nausea and vomiting commonly called morning sickness. I wondered why it was named “morning sickness”, because believe it or not, morning sickness may occur at anytime of day. Bouts start in the morning, through mid-break and lunch time ou acheter du viagra en pharmacie. And sometimes may persist through sun set, as well.

No one really knows the cause of morning sickness, although it’s associated with your changing hormones. Not much can be done to prevent it from occurring. But the symptoms can be stopped from presenting or at least reduce the occurrence. If you have tried all the practical solutions, such as nibbling on crackers, eating frequent small meals and drinking liquids between meals rather than with meals. And your morning sickness is not responding.

Then it’s time to see your doctor and find a solution fast.
Before you tend towards dehydration and body weakness from not eating and losing a lot of fluids through vomiting. The glimmer of hope, here is that morning sickness is gone by the being of the second trimester of pregnancy.

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