Pregnancy week by week is the best way to find out what changes are going on in your pregnant body each week.

Yes, I know this is true! And am sure all moms will agree!

As a mom myself, I spent a great deal of time finding out and tracking all the pregnancy changes going on in my body, to ensure my health and baby’s proper development. Now that you are pregnant, making sure that your baby and you are doing well each week, is going to be your paramount concern.

And to help and guide you along the way,
I have compiled these pregnancy weeks just for you. As you read through this information, there are a few points to keep in mind.


First of all, when you are tracking your pregnancy week by week, know which week you are currently in and then look for and read the appropriate week.

This will keep you from being too anxious and over expectant.


Many expectant moms tend to want to read on onto the forth coming weeks. Well as this might be okay, it tends to rise your anxiety as you keep reading about changes that might not be happening in your pregnancy or might not happen, and this will cause you unnecessary worry.

So just stick to what’s happening this week, and avoid this stress factor. Concentrate on the joys of being a happy expectant mom.

Secondly, before you read through pregnancy weeks, it is good practice to know your current signs and symptoms first. Then, compare these with what should be normal.

If you don’t know what these might be, and you are in your first 10 weeks of pregnancy, be sure to read about the early signs. But if, you are past 10 weeks pregnant, just select the right week and make the comparison.


Maternity leaveJust remember,that in pregnancy week by week you don’t have to have all the changes that are mentioned as long as you are healthy and your doctor has confirmed it. Every woman is beautiful and different, so a couple of changes might not manifest in your pregnancy, and that’s alright.




The most important point to note here is, not to overlook any change that’s out of the ordinary. A symptom or sign that is not normal and is making you feel uncomfortable or ill. Don’t hesitate to make that call to the doctor as soon as possible.

And the last point here to take note of, is while you are reading pregnancy week by week, always do make out a list of signs or symptoms of what you are having.

And if you already have a list, just add on to it or check off a sign or symptom that’s not there any more.  Take, this list to your doctor’s visit and ask any questions regarding your pregnancy.

After all, its yours’ and your doctor’s responsibility to ensure that you are healthy and having a healthy full-term baby.


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