Baby is the size of an olive!

Baby is the size of an olive!

If you are 9 weeks pregnant, fetal age is 7 weeks now!

Your baby is about the size of a green olive. And about an inch to three-quarters of an inch long, that’s about 2.2 to 3 cm.

This time the head is more erect, the neck is more developed, and the eyelids almost cover the eyes.

Until now, the eyes have been covered and baby’s ears are more defined. Your baby’s muscles are beginning to develop and he/she can make tiny movements.

Baby’s developing limbs, but the hands are growing faster than the legs and feet, although they are still referred to as hand paddles. Tiny ridges have formed on the paddles and will soon become well-defined fingers.

Tiny dimples are now where the knees and ankles will go, and the elbows are becoming visible. This week is however particularly important because this is when sex characteristics begin to manifest.

Although you still cannot tell this by the use of the ultrasound until eight weeks later.

You on the other hand, are now beginning to have some first month pregnancy symptoms such as a continuously growing uterus and probably nausea.

Your uterus has probably doubled in size and is about the size of an orange.

Your HCG level is at its highest this week and probably giving you quite a bit of nausea, but a ray of hope is that starting next week your hormones will start to stabilize and you will certainly feel better.

9 weeks pregnant mom is also beginning to see changes in her hair and skin. Your hair might feel thick and lustrous…or greasy and limp. But this is not the time to try to perm, highlight or dye your hair at this point, just change shampoos…

You have probably also gained some weight, something good because weight gain during pregnancy will provide you with a great way to monitor your baby’s well being.John Wick: Chapter 2 2017 movie trailer

Another crowning first month pregnancy symptom, this pregnancy week by week is the increase in your blood volume which has actually gone up dramatically … almost 50% more compared to before pregnancy. This increment will accommodate baby’s presence who is now sharing your blood supply!

At this time, you are most certainly still concerned about how your actions will affect your baby’s development.

So avoid saunas, hot tubs and spas. At about this time, 9 weeks pregnant expectant mom feels tired and exhausted as the body rapidly changes, and there is a need to relax in a hot tub, sauna or spa.

I recommend you don’t take any of these as a relaxing option, because baby is relying on you to maintain a correct body temperature. If you elevate your body temperature high enough, and it stays elevated for a long period of time, baby’s development may be hampered if it occurs at critical times of baby’s development.

Avoid electric blankets, although this issue is still controversial and constantly debated, more research is needed to ensure that an acceptable level of exposure of electromagnetic field is safe for mom and baby. Better not to use electric blanket during pregnancy than be sorry later.

Avoid microwave ovens too, this is also another one of those controversial issues, but most importantly, don’t stand in front of the microwave when heating your meals and please follow guidelines provided for proper use of your oven.

In conclusion, if you are 9 weeks pregnant, you need to consider taking your nutrition seriously. Follow the pregnancy diet plan provided and have a healthy pregnancy. If you have any problems or worried about a miscarriage, be sure to speak to your doctor about any concerns you might be having.

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