Baby is the size of a small berry.
Baby is the size of a small berry.

If you are 7 weeks pregnant, fetal age is about 5 weeks (36 to 42 days) and the size of your baby is that of a berry.

Baby is about five to thirteen millimeters long (less than half an inch) and weighs less than a gram.

He/she is a little more than a month if you are following your pregnancy week by week. And the human blueprints are already visible.

Baby still has a tail but is beginning to form a digestive tract, lungs, nostrils, hands and feet and a bump of a mouth.
The liver, tongue, and lenses of baby’s eyes are forming in the gums.

If you were to take a picture now, baby would look more like a human than like a reptile now.

At 7 weeks pregnant, you are gradually changing too.

Changes are slow, and people won’t be able to tell you are pregnant unless you tell them.

You may have gained weight throughout your body, but probably just a couple of pounds this pregnancy week by week.

So for your first month pregnancy symptoms, you might be feeling tired, achy, and cranky… or not at all. Or you might be feeling queasy.

A lack of symptoms does not mean that there is something wrong with you and the baby.

However, if you are feeling sick, tired, and miserable, it may comfort you to know that your pregnancy hormones are working hard to support you and the baby.

As you grow your pregnancy week by week, consider a diet with plenty of fiber, vegetables, and fluids will help you keep from gaining weight which may be harder to lose later.

Fortified cereal, big salads with colorful vegetables, and vegetable soups are good choices that will help you get enough folic acid and B vitamins as well as calcium and fluids.

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