If you are 6 weeks pregnant, baby is about the size of a soya bean now!Fetal age is 4 weeks, a month after conception. The embryo looks almost something like a tadpole and has gills like a fish! It has two tiny cups of pigments on either side of its head that will develop into eyes.

Tiny buds that will form the lungs have appeared. And the neural tube is now closed. One end is flattening and expanding to become the brain, and the other end will become the spine. It is already 10,000 times larger than the fertilized egg. At this time we cannot tell whether the embryo is a boy or a girl.

But he/she has little dots where the nipples will be. The heart is shaped as a tiny “U” tube and will start to beat around days 21-24 and circulate the embryo’s blood. The embryo has a small mouth and lips now, and the fingernails are forming during this week.

6 weeks pregnant mom is continuously producing more pregnancy hormones especially human chorionic gonadotrophic (HCG) which is making you more susceptible to nausea and fatigue.
Your blood pressure is lower than it was before pregnancy and this is probably making you light headed and dizzy.

As you grow your pregnancy week by week, extra progesterone and other hormones will make you feel tired and achy, nauseous, and cranky, or probably not!

For moms who did not know were pregnant, this is the time to start an OB/GYN entry (seeing the doctor for the first time since you became pregnant). This first prenatal visit if 6 weeks pregnant, might be one of your longest! You might have a lot of questions to ask too.

Most importantly, your doctor and you are going to get to know each either and he/she will need to know what medication you are taking or allergic too. Laboratory tests may be done this week or subsequent one. If you planned this pregnancy, this is a good time to have an ultrasound to determine fetal age.

From now on you will be asked to return every 4 weeks for the first 7 months, then every 2 weeks until the last month, then every week. If problems arise, you might be scheduled for more frequent visits. First month pregnancy symptoms like heartburn and constipation might be driving you up the wall by now, but your nutrition during your pregnancy should be key!

You cannot eat whatever you want. Eating the right foods in the right amounts is ideal. Eat foods high in vitamins and minerals, especially Iron, calcium, magnesium, folic acid and zinc. You also need fiber and fluids to help alleviate any constipation problems. Make sure you read the healthy diet plan here. I have taken a great deal of time to make that diet plan just for you!

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