4 weeks pregnant? Wonderful!
Fetus is now 2 weeks old, and as big as a sesame seed.
You on the other hand probably still don’t know you are pregnant. And you might have very few first month pregnancy symptoms.

Chances are you are not showing and have not gained weight.
So what is happening to baby? Well, fetal development is taking place and so are the many changes.

The implanted blastocyst is embedded more into the lining of your uterus, and the amniotic cavity is beginning to form. This will later fill up with amniotic fluid. The placenta is forming too; important in hormonal production, oxygen and nutrient transportation.

Along with it, is the vascular network containing maternal blood that begins to be established. The changes in you, will probably show up at the end of this week. And that will be a missed period

From now on, a couple of hormonal changes are going to take place. Remember ovulation? When the ovary released the egg?
Once the egg is released, an area in the ovary that lets it out becomes a small gland called the corpus luteum.

This quickly undergoes blood vessel development to prepare for hormonal production. The hormone produced is refered to as progesterone and this will support the pregnancy before the mature placenta takes over. As your baby grows your pregnancy week by week.

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