Am 16 weeks pregnant and loving it!  My body is starting to fill out and my breasts are more enlarged. Am embracing a great new body-shape and enjoying the gorgeous new me and most people around me can see that.

So,if you are 16 weeks pregnant, join me in saying, “the world loves a pregnant lady.” The positive feelings will help you stay calm and relaxed when the occasional fatigue and anxiety strikes,as the pregnancy grows.

As our pregnancy week by week grows, in keeping with the spirit of the second trimester, lets us start to prepare for coming months while we still have the energy; take the time to pick out comfortable bras to take us through the next couple of weeks ahead.

In preparation for the steady weight gain from here on, I propose that we start doing regular weight measurements and check with our doctor to ensure that we are gaining just enough weight; not too little or too much. On the flip-side, its important to note, that where we expect to gain weight, it’s not uncommon to find ourselves battling loss of appetite and therefore struggling to gain weight instead.

First month pregnancy symptoms by now have subsided, and baby is growing rapidly. Probably a little over 11 cm long. While,  we may still have food aversions in part due to our intense sense of smell, we still have to identify foods that we can eat to take care of all our’s and baby’s nutritional needs and to keep ourselves within the safe and acceptable weight range for this stage of our pregnancy.Review Android Smartphone

Due to hormonal changes, in particular inflow of progesterone, we may at this point experience constipation more frequently as our digestive system slows down, and we may also get some occasional bloating. To curb this, try eating small meals several times a day and avoid carbonated drinks and fatty, fried foods.

At the stage in our 16 weeks pregnant state, most of us have probably made all the requisite pregnancy announcements.  And, our family, co-workers all know. It is now time to find out what lies in store in months ahead.  If you are a first time mom, talk to someone experienced about what to expect at the time of delivery. It could be your mother, a health practitioner, a friend or all of them. Be more prepared as you head into month five and don’ forget to put your feet up!

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