15 weeks pregnant is about four months period, you’re well into the second trimester. With your bump getting more visible, the baby announcement if you hadn’t already made it is now inevitable.

As first month pregnancy symptoms subside, You are noticeably pregnant and feeling it too. There is pressure in your chest as your growing uterus pushes up your diaphragm. Any physical efforts such as climbing stairs will most certainly leave you breathless.

As your pregnancy week by week rows,Your waistline is also expanding and your hips are widening. Wardrobe changes will have to be made. Depending on the mom-to-be, this can be a period of rapid weight gain during which you find yourself discarding a few clothes per day.

If you’re the kind of mom that doesn’t gain weight fast, you can still more or less fit in your pre-pregnancy clothes most specifically the blouses, and won’t need too make many adjustments until the coming month probably.

The untold joys of pregnancy week by week developments is the stretching uterus, that presents along with some discomforting pain in the pelvic area;referred to as round ligament pain.

Your pregnancy is well established now and you can expect to start feeling more of the typical gestational discomforts such as insomnia and wild dreams. This could be attributed to rising anxiety about the next stages of pregnancy.

To beat the anxiety, practice is key. Now, is the time to try out sleeping positions and body posture in anticipation of the aches and discomforts which are sure to materialize in months to come.

Inside your body at this time, the baby is developing tastebuds and constantly swallowing amniotic fluids and exercising the developing air sacs in the lungs. Although the baby may have started making subtle movements,they may be to you just a flutter that mostly goes unnoticed.

At 15 weeks pregnant dates, also to note, are the bones in the baby’s ear which are hardening and the baby can listen to sounds. Some parents might play music near the womb at this time; to keep the baby calm.  Who is not to say that baby is not listening…try it, you will be amazed!  Most of all enjoy all the moments and have fun doing it.

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