Are you 14 weeks pregnant? Congratulations! You made it into the second trimester. For many expectant moms, this is a crossing from the discomfort and morning sickness zone to the good side.

At 14 weeks, you’re likely feeling more energetic. First trimester’s fatigue is gone. If you’re like me, you are relieved not to be blacking out at your work desk in the middle of the afternoon.

Remember, first month of pregnancy symptoms have to do with the decrease in the pregnancy hormones that flooded your body in the first trimester. As a result, the nausea brought on by the same hormones has waned, along with breast tenderness and other accompanying annoyances such as sensitivity to smells.

At this time, you will feel an increasing awareness of your growing bump. You’re starting to feel a little crowded in your stomach as your womb expands, pushing aside some of your internal organs. This brings along some of second trimester’s discomforts such as heartburn and indigestion.

While the change in your body size is not yet too noticeable, some of your clothes may be starting to get uncomfortable. It is time to add some looser fitting clothing to your wardrobe.

You have certainly by now noticed that as your pregnancy week by week grows, given your new energy levels, you may want to take advantage of this time to do some shopping; for you and for the baby to come.

If you haven’t already done one, this is the time to do an ultrasound scan.  It is an interesting time in your baby’s development. The little one is starting to develop into a distinct individual with eyebrows growing and finger prints developing. The baby’s face has formed and is capable of facial expressions like frowning.

Among other things, the baby has begun to grow a layer of hair that will protect her while in the amniotic sac. This hair will be shed before birth. The baby’s internal organs begin to function; the kidney can now pass urine and the liver is making bile and red blood cells.

While these changes apply to most babies in general, stages of development may differ for different babies.

If you are 14 weeks pregnant, the next couple of weeks will probably be the best time of your pregnancy. Enjoy the new energy while you can still see your toes and enjoy a safe crossing into week 15.

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