If you are 11 weeks pregnant, fetal age is 9 weeks now!

Your baby is about the size of a large lime and about 4.4 to 6.0 cm long. Baby is going to grow very rapidly, and will double in height by the end of this week. His/her head and body will be roughly equal in length.

Baby can now turn somersaults, roll over, flex his/her fingers, hiccup, and stretch, although you won’t be able to feel any movements for a month and a half because he/she is floating in a lot of amniotic fluid.

The limbs have now developed from webbed paddles to arms and legs that have well defined fingers and toes.

What is also beginning to show now are the fingernails, toenails and the hair follicles. The testes or ovaries have developed, though the sex probably won’t be visible on ultrasound for at least another month.

Intestines have developed at the place where the umbilical cord meets your baby’s body and they are able to make that peristaltic movement although no digestion is taking place.

You on the other hand, are now having more than just the first month pregnancy symptoms. Your uterus is now big enough to fill your pelvis and may be felt in your lower abdomen, above the middle of your pubic bone. In a few cases, 11 weeks pregnant mom now needs more water as you produce more blood, sweat, oil, and amniotic fluid.

Always carry a non-alcoholic beverage with you, preferably water where ever you go. Drink plenty of water, decaffeinated ice tea, and milk and avoid carbonated beverages, sodas, and fruits juices that may contribute to extra weight gain and swelling. As the volume of blood in your body increases, your blood pressure will normalize and you will feel less dizzy, less mental confusion, and less fatigue.

And, as you grow your pregnancy week by week, it is also common to have headaches caused by dehydration or sinus congestion. What is happening is that your body needs a lot of water to make blood and amniotic fluid for the baby, and your sinuses have swollen to provide extra defense against germs.

Do not forget that other causes of headache are hunger and stress. Like any 11 weeks pregnant mom, you are most certainly concerned about how your actions will affect your baby’s development.

If headaches persist, take acetaminophen (Tylenol), not aspirin.

If water, food and relaxation don’t work, remember to take a pain-reliever. But avoid aspirin!

Keep healthy snacks in your purse or bag. This is a very important thing for you because you will certainly get hungry, and what’s better than having a healthy snack to chew upon, rather than a sugar filled doughnut at the nearest vending machine!

In conclusion, if you are 11 weeks pregnant, you need to consider taking your nutrition seriously. Follow the pregnancy diet plan provided and have a healthy pregnancy. If you have any problems or worried about a miscarriage, be sure to speak to your doctor about any concerns you might be having.

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