If you are 10 weeks pregnant, fetal age is 8 weeks now!

Your baby is about the size of a small plum. And about an inch long, that’s about 3.1 to 4.2 cm.

Baby has reached the landmark date, and is looking more human. The embryonic period is going to conclude at the end of these 10 weeks, and the fetal period will begin thereafter.

The fetal period is going to be characterized by the rapid growth of three germ layers that will be established and the good news here is few malformations are liable to occur during this fetal period.

The internal organs; kidneys, lungs, genitalia and the gastrointestinal are all present, though not fully formed. Bone is also beginning to form in the limbs through a process called ossification and if baby is a boy; his testes are already producing testosterone!

Isn’t this exciting? As we mark the end of this embryonic period, note that baby’s has a blueprint of what is going to be developed in the next coming thirty weeks.

You on the other hand, are first of all continuing to have the first month pregnancy symptoms such as a progressively enlarging uterus which is now the size of a softball. And, in a few cases, some 10 weeks pregnant moms are still feeling sick, tired and cranky.

Most importantly if you fall in this group, don’t feel guilty, this is the time for you to relax and take things a day at a time! Secondly, as you have been growing this pregnancy week by week, your weight has also been increasing too. Keep enjoying a healthy pregnancy diet, and don’t forget to exercise.

Thirdly, you are most certainly still concerned about how your actions will affect your baby’s development. Make it your priority to make a dental appointment . Because it is good practice at about this time, for 10 weeks pregnant moms to think of having a dental appointment for checkup and cleaning.

Women with gum disease may run a greater risk of delivering a premature baby of low birth weight. In addition to this, you really don’t want to worry about seeing the dentist in the next six months. Do not forget to wear your seatbelt. This is very important thing for you and your baby’s safety.

Wear the seatbelt at all time, even if you are merely traveling short distances. If your shoulder belt does not fit, then try and get a seat belt adjusting clip to hold the belt in place, so as to fit. In conclusion, if you are 10 weeks pregnant, you need to consider taking your nutrition seriously.

Follow the pregnancy diet plan provided and have a healthy pregnancy. If you have any problems or worried about a miscarriage, be sure to speak to your doctor about any concerns you might be having.

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