“So what were your Signs of Pregnancy, in the first weeks?”

Do you know the first signs of a new pregnancy?” I sure hope  you do, although by the fact that you are reading this page, you are on your way to discover many signs! Hooray!!

I cannot help but wonder why you are but here looking for signs of pregnancy.  Are you pregnant? Or do you know someone who is?

Well, congrats to you if you are pregnant or your wife is expecting or you are a grandma/pa or auntie or uncle!  Most of all, congrats to you that you were let in on the best ever kept secret before motherhood! For generations …………

I often, wondered why that was so, until I became one of “them”(read this laughing loudly….). I stopped wondering why expecting moms kept this glorious information to themselves, until it was just the right moment!

Obviously there are so many reasons, but ultimately,  none will let on about their pregnancy until they are comfortable enough to let family, friends and employers know?

Such that by the time they announce that they are pregnant, it’s no use asking them about their first signs.

third-trimesterWell, whatever the reason, every woman that has been trying to get pregnant or even someone that’s gotten pregnant by accident, knows those first signs. Or better yet feels them.

And the emotions that surround this moment are so enormous that there is always hesitation or delay to pull out that pregnancy test and find out!

Some first signs of pregnancy are so silent, that  if you are pregnant right now, and don’t know it, chances are that you might never know until some obvious signs show up, or you investigate.

For most of everyone who knows an expectant mom, unless you are told about the pregnancy, your only find out later when the beautifully rounded extended belly begins to show!

signs-of-pregnancy-week-by-weekSo if you are an expectant mom, do you remember one of the first signs when you saw that pregnancy result? Something, in that urine or blood gave you one of the first signs of pregnancy! A special indicator!

These  “signs” are the best indicators and early determinants of finding anything in a pregnancy going off course.

Its by using these signs in the first place, that we find out about a pregnancy and we use these signs as the pregnancy grows, to ensure that everything is okay!

Allowing you to plan the expectation of the new member of your family during the coming weeks.

As you embark on a very exciting, fun but stressful journey. Looking out for all signs and symptoms.

Through the first trimester, second and third, you will grow more confident about your plans as the little one develops from the size of a sesame seed to that of a melon!

Many of you will agree that although pregnancy is natural, it is the most stressful process that your body can undergo even though it is designed to do so. It is so stressful that if you let it, you will end up like an old trodden upon doormat.

Spicing your days up with pregnancy quizzes, pregnancy games and joining pregnancy blogs and forums will keep your mind active and vibrant! And honestly, besides enjoying yourself doing this, you will learn a lot from the many expectant mothers out that you have never seen.

Personally, I have realized that although lots of great advice is shared on the blogs and forums, many moms share and look out for signs, but have no idea what these signs mean.

Many have shared numerous signs that could be attributed to health conditions related to very high risk pregnancies that they do not know or understand without a doctor’s explanation.

For this reason, signs of pregnancy week by week was born!

To help you identify, analyze and figure out what these signs mean in pregnancy each week, RIGHT HERE!

You are all welcome here.

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